Meeshu Agnihotri
UX / Product Designer
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Bots! Bots Everywhere!

As part of my work at NIIT Tech, I have been experimenting with different kinds of chatbots. I have worked individually or with other designers on UI and conversation design for demos and solutions like-

  • For an insurance client, a text chatbot in online knowledge portal to help tech-support diagnose and aid customers 
  • For a media client, a voice and text chatbot to log customer complaints through different channels- calls, mobile app and website
  • For an investment tech client, a browser-based voice and text chatbot to help financial advisors create customized financial portfolios
  • For hotel clients, a native mobile app voice chatbot for finding and booking events and a native mobile text chatbot for creating an itinerary

Project Learnings-

  • Building a multi-channel chatbot strategy
  • Understand the strengths, limitations and appropriate use cases for different types of bots - voice, text, combination, physical devices, browser-based, SMS-based and native mobile 

UX Deliverables & Responsibilities-

  • Discovery workshops to identify chatbot use cases, design chatbot "voice" and conversations
  • Iterative wireframing & Flow Diagrams
  • UX Research
  • UI Design
  • Hi-Fi Prototyping with Lex, HTML/CSS, Protopie, Framer, BotMock etc.